Eddie Flotte Maui Watercolor Artists Gallery
Eddie Flotte Montgomery County Watercolor Artist
Street Scenes From Upcountry and Paia Maui Hawaii and Ambler Pa.
Toma's Garage Eddie Flotte
Big Wheel and Bungalow Eddie Flotte
Sherman's Shed Eddie Flotte

     It is said, a picture is worth a thousand words.   While a poet speaks in carefully chosen syllables, a painter speaks in carefully chosen strokes.   Once adjectives like, sensitive, passionate, sincere, for example, have been written, a writer becomes hard pressed to find other ways to describe a painter's work.  Therefore, as much as possible, I will allow these paintings to speak for themselves.

     As a watercolor painter and artist, I have created an enormous body of work.  I began this work around 1983.  It was at that time, while living in the city of Philadelphia, I transitioned from working as a commercial illustrator into more of a fine art painter illustrating my everyday world.

Scenes From Ambler Pennsylvania
The Wyndham Hotel
Harris' Department Store
McDermott Shoe Repair

     My paintings range from portraits and town scenes to landscapes and more.  They document my life on Maui, in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, time spent at the Jersey Shore and travels around Europe and the U.S.     Click on the pictures and find out more.      content copyright = all rights reserved by Eddie Flotte 2011

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